Claiming $REV3L Tokens

Thank you for all your support! We are going live today and we cannot be more excited about it. We are finally here, together. This is a big day for us, and I am sure you feel the same. So let’s get to it.

Please follow these simple steps to claim your $REV3L tokens:

  • Click on the official REV3AL application:

Please note that the claiming dashboard will become available by 11 AM UTC on June 30th, 2022.

You can immediately stake the tokens by clicking on the Stake button right below.

If you do not see the tokens in Metamask after claiming, please add the token as a “Custom Token” by following the steps here.

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About REV3AL — REV3AL is a digital copyright protection and anti-counterfeit technology startup that aims to protect artists, creators, and owners of Intellectual Property throughout the digital space and even in the physical world. Its global authentication system helps creators maintain value and helps users verify originality.



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REV3AL Digital Copyright Protection & Anti-Counterfeit Technology protects artists, creators, and owners of Intellectual Property across the digital spectrum.