NFT Artist Open Call — REV3AL is Looking for Published NFT Artists

Help us create the world’s most secure NFT marketplace and revolutionize the digital art industry.

REV3AL’s core values and our initial reason for being are centered around the protection and authentication of creators' and artists’ work. This means making sure our secure web portal gives artists the opportunity to protect their digital artwork at inception, before the mint phase, with the most robust set of features possible. This protocol is also applied through our Security API and upcoming security-centric NFT Marketplace.

REV3AL is looking to develop connections with digital artists to help protect and authenticate their NFTs and digital assets!

By participating in a quick survey you have a chance to gain access to our very own NFT in a future release and you may be rewarded with a $75 Amazon Gift Card if you qualify!

Here are our current opportunities:

  • Open Call for NFT Artists to fill out a quick 5-minute survey

Qualification after taking the survey will lead to the potential of the following, additional opportunities:

  • Participating in research sessions focused on our software development
  • Perform Alpha and Beta tests on our software, our secure web portal, and our future NFT marketplace

This call is open to practicing, professional artists or artist teams worldwide with artwork that has already been minted on a blockchain. We welcome artists that are presenting all forms of digital art. By taking the quick survey (linked in this article), selected applicants will be contacted by our team to discuss your involvement in more detail.

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All will be REV3ALed!



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