Rev3al Acquires DRIVENecosystem: Setting The New Standard

2 min readJul 2, 2023
Rev3al Acquires DRIVENecosystem

REV3AL, a Blockchain and Web3 cybersecurity startup, has bolstered its offerings by acquiring DRIVENecosystem, a platform focused on DeFi technology enhancement. This acquisition not only standardizes the blockchain sector but also enhances REV3AL’s product line with DRIVEN’s integration. The unified expertise will accelerate cybersecurity and blockchain product development, fostering innovative solutions and promoting widespread Web3 adoption under the REV3AL brand.

The CEO of REV3AL, Mo Kumarsi, voiced his excitement about this new progression:

“We’re excited to bring DRIVENecosystem and Paul Socarde into the REV3AL team. This new development enhances our offerings, boosts user safety, and empowers us to achieve wonders that stand the test of time.”

Paul Socarde, developer & Co-Founder of DRIVEN shared his excitement for this next stage:

“We are thrilled to join forces with REV3AL and embark on this exciting journey together. This acquisition opens up new possibilities and resources that will enable us to accelerate our vision for a decentralized future.”

This builds upon principles such as security, innovation, quality, and empathy, and aims to promote mass adoption of cryptocurrency in the business sector. It features products like DRIVENsecurity, providing project analysis, smart contract audits, and wallet forensics, and DRIVENmigrate, a tool for migrating holdings from one contract to another.

REV3AL is now positioned to enhance its products and deliver more powerful, real-world solutions for businesses. Meanwhile, REV3AL continues to establish a new security benchmark in the digital assets realm, reinforcing its commitment to safeguard the future of digital ownership and Web3 technologies.

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