REV3AL and Coreto Join Forces to Promote Reputation Management in Web3

3 min readJan 18, 2023

We are excited to announce a strategic partnership between REV3AL, the leader in Web3 security and protection, and Coreto, the leader in Web3 reputation management. Together, we will be working to promote the importance of reputation in the Web3 digital space through Coreto’s “Reputation is King” campaign. REV3AL is joining Coreto as a United Reputation Builder, helping to spread the word about the importance of reputation in the Web3 digital space. With REV3AL’s expertise in security and Coreto’s expertise in reputation management, we are confident that our partnership will lead to a safer and more trustworthy Web3 ecosystem for all.

The partnership between REV3AL and Coreto brings together two industry leaders in their respective fields to address one of the most pressing issues in the Web3 space — the importance of reputation. The Web3 ecosystem is still in its infancy, and as it continues to grow, it is vital that we have a strong emphasis on security and trust. REV3AL’s cutting-edge security solutions will complement Coreto’s reputation management platform, helping to ensure that users can confidently navigate the Web3 space without worrying about security breaches or fraud.

As part of the “Reputation is King” campaign, REV3AL will be working closely with Coreto to educate the Web3 community about the importance of reputation in the digital space. The campaign will focus on promoting best practices for building and maintaining a strong reputation, as well as highlighting the potential risks and consequences of neglecting reputation management.

We believe that this partnership will have a significant impact on the Web3 ecosystem, helping to create a safer and more trustworthy environment for users. We look forward to working together to promote the importance of reputation in the Web3 space and to ensure that all users can confidently navigate the Web3 ecosystem.

About Coreto & The “Reputation is King” Campaign

Coreto is a reputation-based crypto research platform: building a safer ecosystem based on Reputation, shared Knowledge, and verifiable Facts. Through building a reputation-based system, Coreto is leveling the crypto playing field, both for those involved now and for future generations of investors.

Reputation is King is a campaign to unify the crypto communities for the higher purpose of putting the spotlight on the importance of Reputation building, actively giving back to users, and recognizing the ones who deserve it. Through an awareness campaign revolving around the importance of having a verifiable Reputation, we, as builders, are coming together under Coreto’s Decentralized Reputation System umbrella and becoming the pioneers of a potential viral crypto movement.

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About REV3AL

REV3AL provides dynamic and multi-layered authentication and security solutions tailored for Web3 & the Metaverse space. Centered around its patent-pending encrypted marker technology, REV3AL helps creators, brands, and IP owners protect the authenticity of digital media solving a critical need for assets such as NFTs and In-Game items by providing authentication at the point of creation.

This will soon be followed by a dynamic suite of security products designed to protect users and their experience in the digital future economy and to evolve to meet the security demands of this exciting new digital frontier.

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