REV3AL Announces Collaboration with Ashton Addison, Host of the Crypto Coin Show

2 min readDec 18, 2022

Ashton Addison, CEO and Host of the Crypto Coin Show, and a major influencer in the space will be joining REV3AL as a strategic advisor. As an established public speaker, and advisor to multiple successful companies, he brings his diverse insight, incredible relationship-building skills, and extensive contact network to REV3AL at the perfect time.

With the company launching its MVP this year, and a security-centric marketplace early in 2023, Ashton will be able to provide his extensive experience built from reporting on every kind of blockchain project imaginable, and also connect REV3AL with like-minded innovators from across the crypto world.

With security being essential to mass adoption and success in the Web3 arena, and in particular, with REV3AL’s innovative technology and blockchain-agnostic approach, there’s great synergy in the relationship as a ‘hub’ to connect companies solving real problems for the end user.

Ashton Addison — Career Highlights

  • CEO & Founder of the broadcasting networks Crypto Coin Show and Blockchain Interviews
  • Host of over 1,100 interviews with the leading blockchain projects, investors, and thought leaders since 2014.
  • Content in syndication with some of the largest financial channels globally, including Reuters Insider Financial Network / Refinitiv TV amongst others.
  • Established public speaker and thought leader of his generation, speaking in 10 countries on topics such as digital finance, digital economics, DeFi, NFTs, and blockchain protocol scalability.
  • Keynote speaker for the Singapore TechLaw Conference with the President of Microsoft for the Singaporean Government.

Connect With Ashton Addison

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About REV3AL

REV3AL provides dynamic and multi-layered authentication and security solutions tailored for Web3 & the Metaverse space. Centered around its patent-pending encrypted marker technology, REV3AL helps creators, brands, and IP owners protect the authenticity of digital media solving a critical need for assets such as NFTs and In-Game items by providing authentication at the point of creation.

This will soon be followed by a dynamic suite of security products designed to protect users and their experience in the digital future economy and to evolve to meet the security demands of this exciting new digital frontier.


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REV3AL Digital Copyright Protection & Anti-Counterfeit Technology protects artists, creators, and owners of Intellectual Property across the digital spectrum.