REV3AL Announces Token Buyback of 25 Million Tokens!

Hello REV3ALers, we have BREAKING NEWS that was announced on our Twitter account!


We have initiated a major token buyback of 25 million $REV3L tokens that will be locked up for 2 years! This is HUGE and demonstrates our strong belief in our project!

It has already begun, and a total of 2.5% of the $REV3L token supply has been taken off the market. These tokens are being securely locked up by a third-party specialist platform for the next 2 years.

This supports our long-term vision of adding incredible value and market stability to our project and demonstrates our commitment and long-term strategy to become a leader in the Web3 space for the #REV3ALers that are holding the $REV3L token in their portfolio.

We pride ourselves on the work that we are doing in the crypto space both on the development side with our security suite and on the token side by maintaining our commitment to the community and providing stability for investors & supporters.

It is our goal to be a true champion of the individuals in the crypto space and pioneer the next wave of development for security in Web3!

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