REV3AL & DRIVENecosystem Announce Partnership

4 min readSep 10, 2022


The team at REV3AL is proud to formally announce our strategic partnership with DRIVENecosystem, a subsidiary of DRIVENlabs Inc.!

“We believe that the success of the future depends on how well we all come together to develop products that solve real problems! This partnership is a shared focus in that belief, and we are very excited to be working with DRIVENecosystem!”

— Adam Russell, CRO of REV3AL

Our strategic partnership with DRIVENecosystem is very exciting as both companies are focused on the protection of projects and users in the blockchain space. With great complimentary services, we are looking forward to developing our relationship with their team and building the future of security together! Both teams are aligned and focused on surrounding themselves with the best in the industry and are excited to grow together. By interlacing our services we plan to solve real problems and secure the digital future.

Recently, we got the chance to sit down and spend time with the DRIVENecosystem team while we were at the TCG World conference, and it was apparent that a shared vision for a secure digital future powered both of our companies. Our partnership was established very quickly and we are already seeing the benefits.

We were recently on a live video with the DRIVENecosystem team for a special announcement and for an AMA session.

Here’s the link to the recording for that announcement and AMA.

Click here to join the video at the beginning of the announcement with REV3AL

It was a really interesting session and we encourage all of our REV3ALers to take a look and join their community. The shared values of our joint communities will provide synergy for both groups — and we are excited to venture into the future with DRIVENecosystem!

Partnership View from DRIVENecosystem


— Cody Krantz, Chief Creative Officer of DRIVENecosystem

“A lot of people don’t realize that they leave the back door open when they are developing their code. If the code is compromised, at its base, then the rest of the project is compromised — this can be seen with games, digital assets, and all forms of crypto projects. We are very excited to be working with REV3AL so that we can establish a protocol to help individuals and projects protect themselves from multiple security threats.”

“REV3AL is a 100% trusted partner!”

- Cody Krantz, Chief Creative Officer of DRIVENecosystem

Partnership View from REV3AL

We are partnering with companies that solve real problems and have leaders that we like, trust, & respect. DRIVENecosystem’s services complement our own offering perfectly allowing projects to be secure from inception, and stay secure, into the future. We’re very excited to integrate our market strategy with theirs. An important piece of our partnership is that the DRIVENecosystem team will be auditing the code for current and future REV3AL products.

“The future depends on how we all come together to develop products that solve real problems! This partnership is a shared focus in that belief, and we are excited to be working with DRIVENecosystem!”

— Adam Russell, CRO of REV3AL

Recent statistics show that 70% of the people that are entering the space are new and inexperienced, and our new partnership with DRIVENecosystem will help us assist new adopters in the digital world of NFTs, digital asset collection, the Metaverse, and Web3 dApps.

As the DRIVENecosystem team mentioned on our recent live stream:

“Noone is immune to being scammed in the digital world. There are always people looking to take advantage of others and our goal is to help keep your assets in your wallet.”

We couldn’t agree more — and we’ll be working together to ensure those assets are authentic and protected.

More about DRIVENecosystem, a division of DRIVENlabs Inc.

From their website:

DRIVENecosystem is a blockchain technology company that develops smart decentralized applications to make the Defi space a safer place to be. We aim to integrate cryptocurrencies into everyday life through the use of smart applications. Our primary goal is to make cryptocurrency as simple to use as FIAT.

When it comes to Security: To facilitate the large-scale adoption of cryptocurrency, we scrutinize the dependability of everything we create, consistently challenging and improving the security to help maintain the trust of our users and protect their assets.

DRIVENecosystem — Mission

We aim to be a core component of the mass adoption of cryptocurrency in the business sector for companies of all sizes. We will provide a secure solution for worldwide transactions of payments between businesses, as well as their customers.

DRIVENecosystem — Vision

DRIVENecosystem is focused on creating real-world solutions for businesses of all sizes to take advantage of the speed and low transaction fees of the cryptocurrency space, so they can operate efficiently and effectively.




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