REV3AL Protocol Monthly Update

REV3AL protocol is committed to delivering on its vision, fulfilling its mission, and exceeding your expectations. Every day provides an opportunity for growth, and the month of April gave us 30 opportunities to develop. So, we got busy.

Let’s talk about our progress throughout April.

Building blocks for growth

REV3AL technology resolves an industry-wide problem, and we are bullish on our potential. Our ultimate goal is to enhance, simplify, and optimize security throughout the blockchain. We also believe in going farther and faster together through collaboration. That is why we are keen on building partnerships.

Partnership with Boundlespay

We are all about blending the traditional ways of transacting business and modern methods. The month of April saw us go into partnership with Boundlesspay. The association offers REV3AL users the ability to receive, send and swap cryptocurrencies and enjoy Boundlesspay’s features with just a few clicks.

Partnership with Onino

REV3AL formed a strategic relationship with ONINO, a multi-chain digital asset management program. REV3AL will create a platform to verify digital assets, such as NFTs, certified digital papers, IDs, and copyrighted items, in collaboration with ONINO. ONINO paves the way for a new generation of Web3 apps through secure, decentralized data storage. We believe this partnership will stimulate growth throughout the Blockchain industry.

Partnership with Coreto

We progressed our vision of safe and secure blockchain ecosystems when we became partners with Coreto. Coreto is a project dedicated to assisting creators and influencers build their digital reputation in a system based on trust and performance. Working together, we will continue towards our ultimate goal.

Partnership with Lepasa

Less than a week ago, we partnered with Lepasa to contribute our intellectual property protection technology to their 3D NFTs ecosystem. This partnership demonstrates our commitment to the enormous potential of the NFT market and opportunities for proactive artists.

Community engagement through AMAs

Our AMAs allowed us to engage with different crypto enthusiasts. For the first AMA event, we partnered with Crypto Royals. We had stimulating conversations with their community, allowed them to peek behind the curtain, and answered their questions about our vision and tech.

We joined Pandora Protocol on 21 April for another insightful AMA session. Pandora Protocol afforded us the opportunity to engage one of the most interactive communities within the blockchain space. It also allowed us to feel the pulse of our communities, report our progress, and get critical and timely feedback on the current situation.

Our AMA with Onino helped sustain the discussion with the community. Our Co-founders joined Onino live to provide a product review and report on our progress.

Next, our Co-founders joined the Coreto team to discuss the importance of reputation and trust in maintaining security standards and preventing fraud in the blockchain space.

We believe in our dynamic approach to identifying and working with like-minded partners. We are working on more partnerships and integrations. Stay tuned to this space to get the latest updates when we announce them.

Intellectual property protection

REV3AL technology had a good symbiotic relationship with the media this month. Our revolutionary solution became a huge talking point, and we enjoyed the publicity the coverage offered us.

Our Co-founders, Mo Kumarsi and Adam Russell, turned up at the EcoX Crypto event in Dubai to propagate the REV3AL vision. We also got the word out on the potential REV3AL tech for all participants in the NFT marketplace.

The next stop on the REV3AL train was at the Bitcoin Conference, an event that attracts the crypto community and offers the platform to interact and share ideas. REV3AL Co-founder, Adam Russell, took the podium at the Bitcoin Conference event to present our solution to an enthusiastic crowd of crypto enthusiasts.

REV3AL had a phenomenal month, and we have not peaked yet! Our confidence is through the roof, our motivation is sky-high, and our ambition is for the moon! Watch this space because we have more exciting updates coming your way very soon.

About Rev3al Tech

REV3AL Digital Copyright Protection & Anti-Counterfeit Technology safeguards artists, innovators, and IP owners throughout the digital spectrum and into the physical world.

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REV3AL Digital Copyright Protection & Anti-Counterfeit Technology protects artists, creators, and owners of Intellectual Property across the digital spectrum.