REV3AL Protocol Monthly Update

The REV3AL protocol is not only enthusiastic about conveying its vision but also about achieving its goals. Additionally, the protocol strongly desires to exceed your current and future expectations. June presented us with a variety of opportunities to go forward. Each and every day of the month presented new chances. So, we got busy.

Let us talk about how far we have come since the beginning of June and how proud we should be of ourselves.

Exponential growth

During the month of June we have experienced exponential growth. Some of our biggest monthly milestones include being listed on KuCoin and PancakeSwap. This means that the $REV3L token is out for trade. And these two sites are just the beginning.

Community sessions via AMAs

One of our greatest objectives is interacting with the community as frequently as possible. Our co-founders, Adam Russell and Mo Kumarsi hosted several AMAs to achieve this. The sessions attracted many crypto lovers and the interactions were very productive.

To ensure the success of our AMAs we’ve joined together with various partners. These have included TCG world, Metamoonshots, CryptoBlades, Crypt-O-Monsters, and Crypto Eagles.

The road map for growth

REV3AL tech offers a solution to problems experienced by a significant part of the industry. We have a positive outlook on our capabilities. Our long-term aim is to strengthen, simplify, and perfect the level of security offered on the blockchain. Working together, we believe that we can not only do more, but achieve it in a shorter time. As such, we are interested in developing partnerships for various reasons.

Partnership with MoonStarter

One significant partnership was with MoonStarter. Its purpose is to increase the number of beneficial opportunities available to both communities, thus stimulating the expansion of both platforms, respectively.

Partnership with Uplift

This month, REV3AL also announced its partnership with Uplift. The partnership will facilitate the growth of a variety of enterprises.

Partnership with NFT Technologies

This partnership has brought an exciting new NFT experience to you. Our belief is that unity helps a focused and committed group develop toward its goal. One positive result of this particular collaboration is that there will be a location within the NFT network where artists can display their work. Additionally, they intend to construct touchpoints that are related and engaging simultaneously.

Partnership with Forward Protocol

Another partnership occurred between REV3AL technology and Forward Protocol. The partnership aims to bolster people’s faith in blockchain technology. Moreover, the partnership promotes the speedy implementation of Web3.0.

Partnership with Launchpool

A partnership with Launchpool was also formed. Their association plans to run openly and honestly to provide users with equal possibilities.

When users of Launchpool get together to share resources, REV3AL tech will legitimize their transactions. In addition, they will divide incentives according to merit. As a result, every participant will obtain the reward that is most fitting for them.

Partnership with Alphabit

The growth of a decentralized economy coincides with the growing popularity of crypto and related products. For this reason, we have collaborated with Alphabit to safeguard the security of investors. This partnership ensures transparent transactions for all parties involved. Thanks to our authentication system, we are also able to prevent scams so that no investor suffers a loss of possession. This means that people who invest in NFTs will have the opportunity to buy genuine products because there will be no instances of piracy or copying.

In addition to the above, 18 other partnerships were formed in June.

REV3AL Visibility

June was a very active month for REV3AL. Our work saw widespread recognition and we were included in publications on various websites. Some of the top sites featuring REV3AL this month included Cryptopolitan and Yahoo Finance, and the buzz is only now getting started.



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REV3AL Digital Copyright Protection & Anti-Counterfeit Technology protects artists, creators, and owners of Intellectual Property across the digital spectrum.