REV3AL Sponsors the Fifth Annual Salento Trail Challenge

The 5th Annual Salento Trail Challenge
To take place on the 6th of November, 2022

REV3AL is honored to be giving back to the local community of Salento, Colombia by sponsoring the 5th Annual Salento Trail Challenge!

The Salento Trail Challenge offers an amazing opportunity for trail running enthusiasts to experience some of the world’s most spectacular mountain views and to compete in one of four distance options: 5k, 10k, 21k, or 42k. This year about 1,000 runners are expected to participate!

This specific event holds a special place in our hearts as it was brought to us by one of our very own, Mauricio Cortes, who is REV3AL’s Executive Assistant and lives in the local area of Salento. REV3AL wouldn’t be here without him!

Mauricio is the co-founder of the Salento Trail Challenge and is the Race Organizer for 2022. He brings the event to life by overseeing the creative design process of the digital designers, photographers, & videographers, and he also manages the marketing and advertising for the event. As an avid cyclist and trail runner both his passion for people and his passion for a healthy lifestyle are on full display.

While there are many aspects of the Salento Trail Challenge that are important to the city, one of the most important is that the trail challenge is a way for Mauricio and the other event organizers to give back to the local community of athletes and the families in Salento. This event helps to bring in more tourist revenue for local shops and unites the surrounding area.

Money from the 2022 STC sponsorships helps to support the children of Salento, Colombia by helping the STC to buy shoes, uniforms, and athletic gear for the children. It also gives the STC the ability to assist with transportation and registration for the children of Salento to participate in various races in the area.

To break this down in more detail, here are a few quotes from our interview with Mauricio Cortes.

Why is the Salento Trail Challenge important to the community?

The race is important to the community for different reasons. It helps the athletics school to keep training not only children but people of all ages so they have healthy practices and discipline. Also, it helps the tourism industry in the town. Many people come to Salento and stay before and after the race which has a huge impact on the economy. Many of these families live off of tourism in different ways. The biggest benefits can be seen in the revenue generated by the restaurants, hotels, natural tours, & more.

Why is the Salento Trail Challenge important to the children?

Salento is an important tourist destination in Colombia. The tourism industry provides a lot of benefits for the community but can also bring problems to the area, like drug addiction, prostitution, & domestic violence. The Salento Athletics School helps children to stay away from negative influences and danger. Martin Carvajal is the coach and he performs a constant follow-up with the children and their families in order to make sure they have a nice environment. The goal is to make sure they learn discipline that will help them in life afterward.

Apart from that, the children love the school because they come to play and make new friends all the time in a very safe environment. Finally, since they train hard, they are awarded participation in different races in the region obtaining podium recognition.

Why is the Salento Trail Challenge personally important to you, Mauricio?

The race is important to me because I was born and raised in the Quindio State — where Salento is located — which is right in the heart of Colombia. Salento is a town that has given me much in terms of happiness, friendship, and family. First, for me, it’s a way to give back to my own hometown and community by helping a school that will have many students that will benefit. Secondly, I can show the friendly and beautiful face of Colombia to the world.

Can you tell us about REV3AL’s support and why you are grateful for their sponsorship?

REV3AL’s sponsorship will help the children of Salento to have shoes, uniforms, and easier means to register for upcoming events where they can participate. I am grateful because I am a proud member of the REV3AL team, I consider myself a true REV3ALIAN and the fact that REV3AL has committed to this project makes me feel like a highly valued member of the project and company. I look forward to the opportunity to keep delivering my commitment, talent, and devotion to this amazing group of human beings that have become my family. Thanks so much to REV3AL for making it possible!

Stay tuned for more social media updates from our team, and especially from Mauricio! We are honored to be giving back and honored to be a part of such a meaningful event!

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