REV3AL X Bit Rivals- Creating a Safe and Transparent Environment for Gamers

REV3AL has teamed up with Bit Rivals. Bit Rivals is a cross-game network that pays players of all skill sets for playing their preferred games. Participants can earn incentives simply by playing the games they enjoy.

The partnership’s broad goals are to promote openness within the game. Besides, it will boost productivity and safeguard gamers’ personal information. Rev3al will offer services that protect gamers who take part to make money. Thus, the partnership will encourage more gamers to take part confidently. Bit Rivals, in turn, will provide the proper use of Rev3al technologies to safeguard the users’ unique IPs.

Play-to-earn games in Bit Rivals that use NFTs will serve a broader audience. The bigger audience is a direct result of the continuous surge in popularity of NFTs. Besides, the REV3AL systems will guarantee transparency of the game and the authenticity of the assets used.

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About Rev3al- Rev3al is a network specializing in intellectual property rights (also known as IP rights). Besides, it aims to meet the needs of artists, content producers, and owners of IPs. Within the framework of the digital space, it prevents piracy and preserves the copyright of works of art.

It achieves this goal by using a variety of blockchain protocols to carry out the delivery of essential services. REV3AL protects against counterfeiting and a vital verification process.

Once it deploys its devices, it requires all users to verify the authenticity of their collection before using it.

About Bit Rival- Bit Rivals is a platform developed specifically for gamers and crypto lovers. It combines the most enjoyable aspects of play-to-win games with those of play-to-earn games. All this on a unified platform with the help of the $RIVAL token.

A gamer can earn rewards by doing things as simple as playing their favorite games. Moreover, one can participate in competitions or delve deeper into the metaverse by minting their NFTs.



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REV3AL Digital Copyright Protection & Anti-Counterfeit Technology protects artists, creators, and owners of Intellectual Property across the digital spectrum.