REV3AL x BoundlessPay Partnership — Building Global Ecosystems Through Secure Payment Portals

REV3AL’s mission to promote blockchain security through anti-counterfeiting and digital arts authentication systems is closer to reality as we announce our partnership with BoundlessPay. Our partnership will help us deliver the ecosystem of security tools to resolve the issue of digital asset exchange and payment solutions in global marketplaces.

Our partnership with BoundlessPay is the product of a shared vision to make secure payments and safe blockchain environments the norm for the average user on different interfaces and mediums — on-chain or off-chain. BoundlessPay will leverage our anti-counterfeiting and digital arts protection systems to improve the security infrastructure of payment solutions using blockchain technology. REV3AL users can also deploy BoundlessPay’s payment solutions to provide the ultimate user experience in NFT and blockchain-based marketplaces.

“Everyone at REV3AL believes that security and fraud prevention in digital asset marketplaces is an industry-wide effort. Our new partners at BoundlessPay share this belief, and they are joining us with the same enthusiasm to inspire change. Turning your mobile device into a mobile bank with a pre-installed wallet and debit card backed by military-grade protection services is truly a game-changer.” — REV3AL team.

BoundlessPay complements REV3AL’s vision to make security solutions accessible in decentralized and traditional digital asset marketplaces. Working together, we remain committed to delivering the ultimate payment experience based on world-class security templates for every user in this developing industry.

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About REV3AL — REV3AL is a digital copyright protection and anti-counterfeit solution for artists, creators and Intellectual Property owners in the digital and physical ecosystems. It allows any user (creator, collector, or marketplace) to verify the authenticity and originality of their collection. REV3AL also preserves the value of original pieces by facilitating verification and flexible digital asset ownership models.

About BoundlessPay — BoundlessPay is a secure application that turns your cell phone into a mobile bank. Its pre-installed digital wallet and debit card allow you to store your digital assets and use them to settle payments with merchants globally. In addition, you can access crypto loans, pay utilities, invest in digital currencies, and enjoy other amazing decentralized finance features in a single app.



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