REV3AL X COOKIE3 — Creating a smart analytic system for Web3 and metaverse markets

The REV3AL technology platform has formed an alliance with COOKIE3, a behavioral analytics service for the Metaverse and Web 3. The REV3AL technology platform provides anti-counterfeit protections to scam systems that have plagued both centralized and decentralized market ecosystems.

The collaboration promises the authenticity and certification of marketplaces. The REV3AL marketplace is a curated environment that links into various metaverses and Web3 markets. The COOKIE3 analytical system will be based on the REV3AL platform to guarantee uniqueness.

COOKIE3 is a smart analytics company that has set out to be the leader in the space. It has established an ecosystem that allows them to translate transactions from metaverse users into behavioral profiles. This will let you evaluate audiences, ad targeting, marketing techniques, and more. COOKIE3 can be likened to Google Analytics but for Web 3.

About COOKIE3 — COOKIE3 is a new tool for collecting data about your users. Businesses can learn and track the preferences and segmentations of their rivals’ consumers, allowing them to develop a unique offer tailored to each person’s interests using COOKIE3. It also allows companies and individual investors to connect on-chain information with off-chain data without losing the privacy of all the individuals involved.

By subscribing to COOKIE3 on all available media, you’ll be kept up to date on everything that’s going on in its ecosystem.

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About REV3AL — The REV3AL technology offers advanced identity protection and authentication in the market. The system protects musicians, inventors, and IP owners across all digital spectrums as well as in the physical world. Furthermore, REV3AL provides multi-layered, encrypted, and integrated security features on and off the blockchain.



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REV3AL Digital Copyright Protection & Anti-Counterfeit Technology protects artists, creators, and owners of Intellectual Property across the digital spectrum.