REV3AL X EcoCREDIT- Facilitating Transparent & Verifiable Climate Action Procedures

REV3AL technology, the initiative committed to protecting virtual assets and intellectual property through anti-counterfeit innovations, has formed a strategic alliance with EcoCREDIT. The partnership will enable transparent and verifiable climate action through carbon credits issued as incentives.

The partnership will facilitate an open, safe, and secure ecosystem designed to tokenize carbon credits and allow users to offset their carbon-generating activities. The REV3AL technology will help users validate the authenticity of their carbon credits through a simple procedure.

The authenticity of carbon offsets is critical to our partner’s business model. REV3AL offers unlimited and reliable validation procedures to optimize EcoCREDIT’s long-term vision. The procedures are available on their gadget or through a simple interface on the REV3AL platform.

REV3AL remains committed to improving security, safety, and transparency in all forms of decentralized ecosystems.

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