REV3AL X EcoWATT- Facilitating Transparent Climate Action Through Tokenization

2 min readJun 2, 2022

REV3AL technology, the project that provides the infrastructure to safeguard virtual assets, digital arts, and NFTs through anti-counterfeit technologies, has entered a strategic relationship with EcoWATT.

EcoWATT is a new company that focuses on providing renewable energy solutions. It allows tokenization of conservation activities and carbon credits involving clean technologies, reforestation, and renewable energy sources.

Our collaboration will leverage our partner’s disruptive Web3 innovation to enable transparent tokenization of carbon credits. We also look forward to presenting our blockchain and Web3 security service to inspire confidence in planet conservation intiatives and discourage fraudulent activities within these systems.

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About REV3AL technology — REV3AL technology is a digital copyright protection and anti-counterfeit solution for artists, creators and Intellectual Property owners in the digital and physical ecosystems. REV3AL allows any user (creator, collector, or marketplace) to verify the authenticity and originality of their collection. REV3AL also preserves the value of original pieces by facilitating verification and flexible digital asset ownership models.

About EcoWATT - EcoWATT is a Renewable Energy firm keen on tokenizing carbon credits on the blockchain. EcoWATT is creating a network that tokenizes the carbon credits of green energy, reforestation efforts, and cleantech activities. It motivates and incentivizes leading global entities to become carbon neutral. In addition, EcoWATT encourages the world to take part in climate action using NFTs. EcoWATT aims to reach the top 25 tokens by market capitalization through its real-world impacts.




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