REV3AL X FactoryDAO- Creating unique governance and transparent decision making

REV3AL has gone into a strategic alliance with FactoryDAO. The platform is an anti-piracy and anti-counterfeit platform that protects IPs.

FactoryDAO acts as the mother of all DAOs. With a specific number of tokens, anyone can generate a proposal on the blockchain. FactoryDAO then creates an environment where people can vote without a gas fee.

DAO is a service infrastructure that creates an enabling environment for blockchain users. The partnership between FactoryDora and REV3AL will be beneficial. It will offer private, transparent, and collusion-resistant voting on any governance topic.

REV3AL’s partnership will see the undertakings of many activities. There will be collaborative launches and resource sharing for NFTdrops. Also, there will be more connections to investment opportunities and the exchange of technical ideas and ideals.

Besides, the partnership will be vital in radicalizing NFT markets. The anti-counterfeit aspect of REV3AL will protect the authenticity of the NFT. FactoryDAO will offer a programmable incentive on NFTs. REV3AL platform will ensure transparency and security for the incentives.

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About Rev3al- Rev3al is a network focusing on patent rights. Besides, it intends to respond to the interests of artists and content creators. Within the scope of the virtual realm, it prohibits piracy and protects the originality of the artwork.

Rev3al performs the task by leveraging several blockchain technologies and a vital validation process.

Once it installs its devices, it asks all users to check the legitimacy of their library before utilizing it.

About FactoryDAO- The FactoryDAO serves as the creator of all other DAOs. The blockchain enables anyone to create a proposal in exchange for a predetermined amount of tokens. After that, FactoryDAO develops an atmosphere in which users can vote without having to pay a gas price.



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