REV3AL X MetaV Group — Bringing state-of-the-art NFT experiences

REV3AL has teamed up with MetaV Group to provide a cutting-edge NFT experience and a community that supports the goal. The collaboration ensures that artists have a platform to display their work in the NFT ecosystem and beyond. They intend to establish engaging and connected brand experiences, focusing on utility and experiential design.

The MetaV Group is a Miami-based organization that has pioneered the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency in the real estate industry. The company’s shareholders include executives, investors, artists, athletes, innovators, and philanthropists from 12 industries. To help the NFT community grow, the MetaV group puts together the strength of the creator, network, and resources to empower the NFT community.

REV3AL’s ecosystem is built on multi-layered authentication, copyright protection tools, and self-verifying digital media technologies. REV3AL’s mission at the heart of the project is to safeguard, protect, and authenticate artists’ and creators’ work while also adding value to it. The technology validates NFTs or non-NFT projects while preserving their value.

The partnership between MetaV Group and REV3AL guarantees that the NFT market is unlike any other. The MetaV Group was formed to provide privacy and exclusivity to the NFT environment. Thanks to the partnership with REV3AL, authentication is guaranteed to avoid scams and frauds, ensuring that users are who they claim to be.

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About MetaV Group

MetaV Group is a private members club in Miami and the US. It has a gallery and social club for creators. The club is luxurious, with Yacht rides and access to some of the brightest minds in the industry.

It also comes with a MetaV Group Pass, a set of NFTs that give you access to the network and top earners and movers in Miami. Being a pass holder enables you to interact and affiliate with the city’s most successful people and gain restricted access to members-only benefits.



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