REV3AL X MetaVRse — Creating a secure metaverse for everyone

On the heels of the successful establishment of its 3D Virtual Reality metaverse platform, MetaVRse is partnering with REV3AL technology to provide a one-of-a-kind metaverse experience to all blockchain users. MetaVRse was created by a group of industry visionaries, pioneers, scientists, and business executives to provide a metaverse for everyone.

The collaboration guarantees a blockchain marketing experience beyond compare for forward-thinking multinational companies. Moreover, one of its exceptional tools, the MetaVRse Engine, is a groundbreaking code-optional platform that allows users to instantly create and share 3D experiences on the web.

The REV3AL Technology marketplace is a curated environment that merges into several metaverses and Web3 markets. The metaverse will be secured with interoperable VIP access and cutting-edge security measures. Thanks to the collaboration, the metaverse architecture and VR economics are to be looked out for.

With this partnership, REV3AL and MetaVRse users will be able to experience their fantasies. Additionally, the collaboration promises the authenticity and certification of marketplaces.

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About MetaVRse

The goal of the MetaVRse project is to provide a metaverse for everyone. The entity has a MetaVRse Engine, a groundbreaking code-optional platform enabling users to create and share 3D experiences on the internet easily. Furthermore, it provides Standalone 3D training and marketing activities for innovative global brands through its MetaVRse Studio.



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