REV3AL x ONINO — Securing Digital Identity, Data and Property in Web3

REV3AL, the anti-counterfeit and intellectual property protection platform for digital assets, has entered into a strategic partnership with ONINO, the multi-chain, digital asset management application. Together with ONINO, REV3AL will provide a platform and solution to secure authentication of digital assets, such as NFTs, certified digital documents or IDs, and other intellectual property.

As every industry shifts towards digitizing and decentralizing data and property assets, security and authentication is critical to the broader adoption of blockchain technology. ONINO was built to become the ecosystem of consumer web3 applications by offering a simple and secure solution to store, manage and organize assets, such as digital identity, NFTs and tokens across various networks. Assets can also be used across chains to enable greater control of property and unlock new consumer use cases.

The partnership between REV3AL and ONINO will allow users to easily certify and authenticate their digital assets with REV3AL’s multi-layer encryption technology, and safely store and organize their property in ONINO’s secure, multi-chain wallet. This robust system will empower consumers, owners and creators to have more control of their valuable assets and protect them from a range of cyber threats, such as digital counterfeit, theft and copyright infringement.

REV3AL looks forward to our partnership with ONINO to further promote the security and authentication of digital assets and enable the growth of the blockchain industry that powers both ecosystems.

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About REV3AL -

REV3AL is a digital copyright protection and anti-counterfeit solution for artists, creators and Intellectual Property owners in the digital and physical ecosystems. REV3AL allows any user (creator, collector, or marketplace) to verify the authenticity and originality of their collection. REV3AL also preserves the value of original pieces by facilitating verification and flexible digital asset ownership models.

About ONINO -

ONINO is a platform for decentralized applications with utility beyond DeFi. It leverages the technology of blockchain to provide secure data storage for the future tokenization of real-world identities, assets and objects. Our Team believes in building user-centric projects that combine usability and simplicity with state of the art technology.



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