REV3AL x Umbrella Network Partnership — Facilitating Access to Low-cost Technology and Security Solutions

2 min readMay 3, 2022

REV3AL, the project responsible for digital assets and intellectual property protection using anti-counterfeit technology, has entered a partnership agreement with Umbrella Network. This partnership will provide cost-effective access to data for blockchain developers and other classes of users to leverage blockchain technology components through security and authentication features.

REV3AL provides access to low-cost blockchain security solutions to secure digital assets and sensitive data on-chain and off-chain. Umbrella provides oracle and data solutions to different blockchain users, and these sensitive data require secure storage systems such as the one REV3AL offers. Our partnership will also provide our B2B and B2C users with complex and custom data solutions to bring their data and real-world assets on-chain.

“Tackling the issue of fraud and counterfeit in the NFT and digital asset market is a huge undertaking that requires sophisticated, encryption technology and a significant set of data. REV3AL’s partnership with Umbrella takes us one step closer to becoming the industry leader in anti-counterfeit and IP protection by enabling access to on-chain and off-chain data to authenticate digital assets like NFTs. We are excited to unlock more use cases that will further promote the growth of our ecosystems.” — REV3AL team.

Umbrella complements REV3AL’s vision to make security solutions accessible in decentralized and traditional digital asset marketplaces. Working together, we remain committed to delivering the ultimate data accessibility and security template for every user in this developing industry.

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About REV3AL — REV3AL is a digital copyright protection and anti-counterfeit solution for artists, creators and Intellectual Property owners in the digital and physical ecosystems. REV3AL leverages multiple blockchain capabilities to provide its authentication and anti-counterfeit protocol. It allows any user (creator, collector, or marketplace) to verify the authenticity and originality of their collection. REV3AL also preserves the value of original pieces by facilitating verification and flexible digital asset ownership models.

About Umbrella Network — Umbrella Network is a community-owned project where stakers, developers, validators, and the foundation govern the network’s operation together. This decentralized oracle service provides low-cost, scalable, and secure smart contract solutions. Their service facilitates and offers blockchain developers access to over 1200 data pairs. Umbrella’s Layer 2 technology utilizes the latest advancements in Merkle Tree technology to create multiple data points on a single on-chain transaction.




REV3AL Digital Copyright Protection & Anti-Counterfeit Technology protects artists, creators, and owners of Intellectual Property across the digital spectrum.