REV3AL X Utherverse — Achieving the optimum metaverse experience

REV3AL protocol has partnered with Utherverse to achieve the ultimate metaverse experience. The partnership will enable metaverse architecture and VR economics.

Since 2005 Utherverse has been establishing and operating an online virtual world community. Here people can link in real-time, attend events and start a business. Utherverse is highly experienced since it has developed almost 200 patents and pending patents for core internet technologies and the metaverse.

With this partnership, REV3AL users will have the ability to live out their fantasies. In addition, users can do anything they want in real life with their bodies.

You can join REV3AL on their various social media platforms if you want to keep up to date on their progress with this and other projects.

|Telegram || Twitter|| TikTok|| Instagram|

You can keep up with Utherverse on their various social media platforms to understand the current developments.

Website ||LinkedIn || Twitter|| Youtube |

About Utherverse- Utherverse is a decentralized multiverse. It is the next generation of the internet. It is an open platform. As such, it focuses on evolving the world together with the communities of the internet. The platform’s business plan is to empower the community to thrive in a truly open metaverse in an unlimited manner.



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