REV3AL’s NFT Marketplace — An Introduction to Our Short and Long-Term Plans for Security

We are launching a secure NFT marketplace and we plan to be able to help provide peace of mind to The Artist, The Collector, and The Individual. Here’s a quick breakdown of the challenges we have noticed in the industry and how we plan to solve them.

The Current Challenges in the NFT Marketplace

  • Digital Media is easily copied, screenshotted, plagiarized, and/or altered
  • Consumers need to be protected against fake and counterfeit digital media and NFTs
  • There is no unified solution to cross-platform or off-chain media verification
  • Creators need to be able to encrypt and protect their valuable IP

That’s where REV3AL technology comes in — we solve the challenges listed above by having developed software that provides top-to-bottom security on all levels, for everyone in the digital space.

Security is the Core of Our NFT Marketplace

REV3AL’s NFT Marketplace will be more powerful than any that have come before — and here’s why: Security is an integral part of everything we do at REV3AL — from how we work, to how we treat our collected data, to how we are developing our soon-to-launch NFT Marketplace. At the core, our security software is designed for everyone!

The Artist

As a digital artwork creator, you will benefit from embedded security that provides instant verification and tracking. Unlike traditional NFT marketplaces, our marketplace validates creation in addition to provenance.

The Collector

As a collector, you will have peace of mind from the moment of purchase through all aspects of validation going forward. With our software, you will be able to verify artwork instantly — you still must do your due diligence, but it will be easier than ever.

The Individual

As an individual our software limits the risks associated with entering the crypto ecosystem, protecting you against scams. It makes it easier for you to navigate the digital space securely knowing you will be protected.

Our vision is to be adaptable through continuous innovation to meet the needs of any level of involvement and to develop an NFT marketplace that can be ported to other outlets, regardless of where you are starting from or where you are at in the process.

No More Competition, We Believe in Collaboration

The Web3 environment is currently dominated by too many platforms that are designed exclusively for their platforms. The REV3AL team is developing a product that can be used by other NFT marketplaces. In order to accomplish this, we plan to implement a Modern API (Application Programming Interface) that can serve as a tool for others in the industry.

In the near future, we hope to have our API solution become the industry standard for the entire digital space. It will be monitored and managed for integration, performance, and scalability. Our goal in launching the REV3AL NFT Marketplace is a desire to refine our security software and make it accessible to our industry partners now and in the future.

We work together based on a solid set of principles, sharpened by our desire to lift each other and the entire crypto community, while always maintaining security.

We Believe In

  • Cooperation
  • Collaboration, and
  • Cohesiveness

In order to achieve these beliefs, we strive to make our NFT platform a shining example of how to create, develop, and design a space that can be easily used, while providing the level of security we are all searching for today. While navigating the fine line between UX and security is a challenge, we are confident we have a good handle on how to put it into action — and are very excited to share it with you soon! A screenshot of the UX design will be shared soon!

The Road Ahead

By 2023, we will launch our NFT Marketplace and share what we have designed, tested, developed, and refined through our Modern API with at least 100 industry partners. Our software will be integrated easily into new and existing NFT platforms based on our active collaboration with each of those partners.

  • Our design team is hard at work — developing unique UX that is polished, clean, and fun to engage with.
  • Our dev team is hard at work — developing a secure NFT marketplace software that gives everyone in the industry peace of mind.
  • Our marketing team is hard at work — developing educational pieces that will give each individual a step-by-step tutorial on how to use, interact, and benefit from the use of our software, across all channels.
  • Our community is hard at work — helping to spread the word about the project and locking arms with our partner communities

Join our community, and help us change the Web3 ecosystem by helping to make a positive impact and leading towards a more secure future for everyone!

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