REV3AL’s Partner Highlight Series — The Standard

3 min readSep 17, 2022


The Standard
Change money, Change the world

The Standard protocol is backing stablecoins with physical and
digital assets locked in decentralized smart vaults.

Hello REV3ALers, welcome to the first installment of our Partner Highlight series where we will take an in-depth look at one of our partners and the synergy that exists between our product offerings.

This week we are proud to introduce our community to The Standard, a next-generation Defi lending platform that enables anyone to lock up hard and soft assets to generate a suite of fiat pegged stable coins, providing an elegant solution that is designed to unlock the world’s assets.

Importantly, The Standard protocol is governed by a community of Standard Token holders, which form a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The Standard DAO will manage the protocol by making key decisions utilizing smart voting mechanisms and prediction markets.

To help learn a bit more about their project and gain a better understanding of their offerings and solutions let’s take a look at their whitepaper.

From The Standard’s Whitepaper

The Standard proposes a new global standard for decentralized stablecoins backed by physical and crypto assets. The Standard Protocol aims to create a digital mirror of every fiat currency through a decentralized pegging mechanism. The stablecoins generated through The Standard Protocol are backed by a basket of underlying assets that users lock up in individual Smart Vaults. As a result, there will be no need to trust a centralized entity to manage the peg, which solves the issues of the largest stablecoins.

The protocol will unlock the trillions of US-Dollars worth of precious metals and cryptocurrencies. Users don’t need to sell their assets to spend them. Their investments increase in value and they remain protected against inflation.

The other advantage of The Standard Protocol is that users borrow against their own assets and inflation effectively decreases the value of the liability borrowed by the user. The inflation of fiat currencies becomes a benefit to the users, by making it cheaper to repay the loans.

The Standard solves inflation by leveraging devaluation to work for savers, not against them.

To read their entire whitepaper, please follow this link.

The Standard has already released a pegged digital mirror of the Euro, called the sEURO, and plans to release the sUSD, sYEN, sGBP, sCHF, sCAD, and others, that will be pegged digital mirrors of their respective fiat currencies. We are very excited to see those decentralized stablecoins become an option for the global investment community.

Where REV3AL Comes In

As the sEURO is backed by rare assets such as precious metals and crypto, the security suite of tools offered by our team at REV3AL will ensure that the tokenized gold bought by the users of The Standard carries an authentic guarantee that acts as a trusted badge of approval. Our security software will verify that the physical gold matches the tokenized gold for users.

Our shared plans to verify and protect the future of the NFT marketplace are also a major component of our partnership with The Standard. Avoiding scams as well as preventing fraudulent transactions will enable users to transact on NFT marketplaces with confidence — especially with the fiat pegged stablecoins that are part of The Standard protocol, like sEURO, of which REV3AL is a supporter.

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