The Weekly REV3AL — The Week of Sept. 19th, 2022

The Weekly REV3AL
Week of September 19th, 2022

Hello, REV3ALers we are honored to be working in this amazing Web3 and crypto space with you! We have had another amazing and productive week with our team, and we are excited to share some of the highlights! We’ll cover our trip to NEAR Con 2022, announce the winners of our $10k Gleam Giveaway, and more, so let’s dig in!

Before we continue, make sure to listen back to our weekly Twitter Spaces event, happening every week at 4 pm UTC, on Wednesdays!

More than 400 people tuned in to our most recent Twitter Spaces event, and we plan to carry that momentum into next week’s discussion, so make sure to join us!

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Web Portal & API Updates

Our team has made significant strides in regards to the database configuration that addresses how hashes are stored and retrieved when authenticating an NFT. These updates, as well as the updates to the types of information stored when a user registers an image in the web portal or with the API, have been identified and refined. This includes the methodology on how we securely store the artist’s information, along with artwork info and tests for data availability and integrity.

True to our test-driven methodology, we enhanced our error handling, reporting, and warning feedback for activity related to our security API — an important step to advance the project on the security side.

We also updated the backup — both the pre-deployment and post-deployment settings — with our code deployment pipeline for continuous integration as well as continuous delivery and conducted an overall code refactor for system performance and optimization.

Keeping the focus on performance, we also spent time testing our API, specifically working on endpoint calls to gain insights on average processing time to better understand time flow. In addition, to preparing for our API integration, our team also spent time sandbox testing on the Binance Chain this last week.

Finally, we dedicated time to updating the API documentation, which will eventually be used by the public when the API is released as part of the REV3AL developer services that we will offer. This crucial education piece is essential to deployment and we are making sure that the updates to this are done in parallel to the development to ensure clarity and success once deployed.

NFT Marketplace Updates

We are very excited to be making progress on our NFT marketplace as we approach the release of Alpha and Beta testing! This past week we continued work on the backend architecture to support users, listings, and collections — further building out the overall structure of our marketplace.

On the backend, the API functionality was further developed, which is used to pass data to the marketplace frontend React App.

We took time to communicate with our key partners about some new, very exciting mixed-reality (MR) features that have been added to the REV3AL Product Roadmap and we’re excited to share more about those as they take shape!

Most importantly, we solidified our focus points for the continued development of our NFT marketplace and how that will match the user experience upon deployment. We had a tremendous internal planning session discussing the differentiating factors and functionality of our NFT marketplace looking specifically at things like:

  • What are the biggest factors that make the REV3AL marketplace different and valuable for users?
  • What are the biggest benefits that REV3AL can provide to the NFT community?
  • Keeping security at the forefront of the discussion and how that affects our marketing approach and our Unique Revenue Opportunities.

Corporate Website Updates

Our design team has been updating the design and user experience in pursuit of better ways to share and communicate with the public and to increase company visibility. Our goal is to streamline the interactions on the website, provide a clean UI for users, and to better refine and align our website to our company brand.

We conducted multiple internal branding discussions this past week — planning and developing early-phase concept art to progress the overall look and feel of the REV3AL identity. We look forward to sharing this with you soon!


Near Con 2022 — Updates

The executive team at REV3AL was honored to take part in Near Con 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal! We have some amazing highlights and team videos in the works, stay tuned to our Twitter to make sure you don’t miss those!

Here are a few highlights that we have shared so far! More are on the way!

Pictured are the REV3AL Team executives: Mo Kumarsi, CEO and Adam Russell, CRO with the Coreto team!

Follow Coreto at @Coretoio

Here’s our interview with the team at Coreto!

Here’s our interview with Flip Benjamin from Pod Labs!

Our Founder & CEO Hits 10k Twitter Followers

Join us in celebrating, and offer a huge congratulations to, our CEO @Mokumarsi for his achievement of acquiring 10k Twitter followers!

Make sure to give him a follow if you haven’t yet — as well as CRO @The_Bitdragon.

Winners Announced for our $10k Gleam Giveaway

We are happy to announce the 1,000 winners of our $10k Gleam sweepstakes! We would like to take this time to thank everyone that entered! Follow the link below to see if you are one of the 1,000 lucky winners!

Our winners’ list can be found using this link.

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