The Weekly REV3AL — Week of October 10th, 2022

ello, REV3ALers it has been another great week of amazing progress that we are pleased to share with you! Our team is really taking shape and we are happy to announce new partnerships, share new opportunities, and tell you about our continued progress that is happening behind the scenes with our technology. Let’s get started!


Web Portal & Security API Updates

Our tech and dev team have kept notes on bugs that have occurred when executing the script of the API, and we spent time this past week working on fixing many of those. This helped us progress the security review of our API.

Our team spent time doing the ever-important job of testing for quality assurance to ensure that the performance, design, reliability, and maintainability expectations of our security API and the web portal were met — good news, this testing was fruitful and we are pleased with the results.

Our ongoing updates to the API developer documentation were continued alongside our technical work to maintain consistent alignment.

Web Portal & Security API Updates — Plans for the Week of October 17th, 2022
- UI Bug Fixes
- Updates to the Web Portal Copy
- Development of REV3AL Reference Registry of Existing NFT Collections (Massive Project)
- UX Research with Members of the Target Audience

NFT Marketplace Updates

This last week we began our user testing for our admin profile, making sure that everything worked as intended. These tests proved to be successful.

We began creating and deleting user objects using the system software to adjust the database and this verified the general functionality of the database scripts.

Our tech team also worked on the development of the smart contract for our marketplace — a task that will take us some time to complete, but we are on the right path and moving in the right direction to complete this on time.

Our continued progress with our NFT marketplace ensures that our API will function as intended, and we have confidence in our team to deliver the expected results. To this point, we connected the frontend and backend APIs to ensure functionality with testing on this to occur in the coming weeks.

Lots of challenges and interesting problems to solve, but we’re excited by the flexibility and innovation of our team and we look forward to overcoming those challenges as they arise.

NFT Marketplace Updates — Plans for the Week of October 17th, 2022
- Internal Database Build to Handle Blockchain-Centric Transaction Data
- QA Testing
- Marketplace Smart Contract Development
- Wallet Integration
- Listing and Collections Features
- Buy and Sell an NFT


Weekly Twitter Spaces Update

Joey Foldi, the CEO & Founder of LYKIN, and Rafael, the CTO of LYKIN joined us on our most recent Twitter Spaces discussion, along with Amalia Grochal the Founder of MIRAI DAO and they shared some very interesting and relevant information regarding topics in the news related to Web3 Security, NFT Marketplaces, Kim Kardashian vs. the SEC, and recent BSC exploits. We encourage you to listen to the entire audio playback linked below.

Link to Twitter Space Audio Replay

Here are the Twitter handles for this week’s guest lineup:


Company Logomark & Branding

This week we further advanced the design concepts of our logomark, to better match our overall brand and create a more unique identity as we look to scale in the future. The direct involvement of Ben Caddy, our Co-Founder, and COO along with Jon Pierre Yousef, our Creative Gaming Director provided decades of experience in the creative industries and the two of them crafted some exciting options for our team to discuss internally. Ultimately our entire team unanimously decided on the design direction that the logomark should take, and we will be showcasing a fresh new logomark in the next week or two — as soon as the design assets are finalized.


Dawson Racing (D3+Transformers Virtual Racing Team)

Our team is very pleased to announce the official partnership of REV3AL and Dawson Racing! This week via video conference our entire team joined Simon Dawson, President and VP of Marketing for Dawson Racing, to discuss REV3AL’s official participation in their 2022 Virtual Tournament! We plan to share more on this project in the coming weeks, but there are a few highlights that are worth mentioning now, most importantly is that this partnership brings the entire expertise of the REV3AL team into the spotlight; all of the REV3AL departments will be engaged with this project. There are so many positives that we expect from this partnership and we are proud to be moving forward with such a forward-thinking, dynamic, and ambitious partner as Dawson Racing. We’re revving up our engines — stay tuned for some awesome updates!

FIO Protocol

This week we furthered partnership discussions with FIO Protocol and we look forward to seeing how both teams can benefit from working together. There are many great aspects to their company, but one of the most exciting things is the FIO Crypto Handles that they offer. These crypto handles are a single identifier that eliminates the need to see, or even know about, blockchain public addresses. According to FIO “It’s simple to register, easy to use, and works with every token/coin automatically.” FIO brands this technology as “One Identity for all your Crypto.”

We recognize that this helps to lower the barrier of entry into the crypto space (something that is much needed) and provides a solution for current crypto users as well by combining multiple blockchain wallet addresses into one, easy-to-remember handle. An example of this would be YourName@REV3AL (no more need for the dot-com or traditional ending of the domain). Pretty neat, right? We thought so too, and we look forward to telling you more about their team and their solutions in an upcoming AMA.

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Always refer to the pinned posts and announcements made by our verified channels.

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