The Weekly REV3AL — Week of October 17th, 2022

ello, REV3ALers! The week of October 17th, 2022 was a busy one for us as our dev team made significant strides with our software on all fronts, including our web portal, security API, and our NFT marketplace. We pushed closer to our goal of having 100 established partners by the end of 2022 as well and we are really excited by some of the opportunities and projects within our growing network.

Before we get to our dev updates we invite you to meet our CPO, Eric J. Prouty, on our upcoming “Meet the Team AMA” scheduled for Friday, October 28th, 2022 at 3:00 pm UTC (11:00 am EST). Eric has deep experience in product and technology development and we’re looking forward to giving our community even further insight into REV3AL and what we are doing.

Save the date, and make time to join the open discussion in our Telegram!

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Web Portal & Security API Updates

Our tech and dev team have made progress on our web portal and have continued to update the User Interface (UI) based on our testing. The web portal will be one of our first product interfaces to be released for general public use so we are focused on the UX alongside working on the security review of our API and fixing bugs with the UI this week.

Due to the complex nature of the REV3AL security suite, it is critical for the team to test, and test again, approaching not only common use cases, but edge cases that may arise from unexpected interactions with the system. Testing of the functionality of the system is ongoing and consistent.

As such, the REV3AL product team, its designers, and developers, all participate in the overall testing strategy, and coming soon, for the first time, this testing strategy will also include members of the general public during REV3AL’s first crowd-sourced artist testing sessions as a key component of our UX Research efforts. We will update everyone more on this as it progresses and you can expect to hear about our open call for artists.

Web Portal & Security API Updates — Plans for the Week of October 24th, 2022
- Onboarding New Developers
- UI Revisions & Improvements
- UX Research, First Steps

NFT Marketplace Updates

This last week we furthered work on the internal database build to make sure that it can handle blockchain-centric transaction data. Working with the Ethereum blockchain for example much of the data is stored on-chain during marketplace activity. For e-commerce systems, it is often important to link the off-chain user data with the on-chain transaction data in order to provide various functionality for the users themselves. Creating a database to store this information is straightforward, but can be challenging when working to ensure that best-practice is implemented for the sake of confidentiality, data integrity, and availability.

Our next focal point for the week was our marketplace smart contract development. Smart Contracts can be developed quickly, but that does not mean they are secure and done well. Many exploits occur due to poor coding practice, and REV3AL’s engineering team is cautious when creating and deploying to the Ethereum network. Smart Contracts, as a type of Ethereum account, can hold a balance and as such, the contract’s wallet address may be targeted for exploits. The cat-and-mouse game that is cybersecurity has never been as important as it is now, and the pursuit of high-quality code is an ongoing focus of the company as we’ve continued to scale our dev team in recent weeks with talented and experienced new members from around the world.

As REV3AL implemented its user authentication system (during previous dev sprints) for the forthcoming NFT marketplace, this core functionality has been extended giving us the ability to add to its base user functionality and create new roles in the system. Once this is accomplished, REV3AL will finalize its NFT buy/sell functionality for the marketplace MVP, and be one step closer to public deployment.

As far as marketplace functionality is concerned we worked on advancing efforts for wallet integration within the system, added to our key features and built out more functions for listings and collections, and pushed toward our goal of seamless system functionality in buying and selling an NFT within the system. Every step in this direction brings us ever closer to our ultimate release and we are looking forward to that day!

REV3AL’s vast partner network will enable the onboarding of initial NFT collections, which will be processed with the patent-pending security and watermarking software, prior to minting. This unique business model, at scale, will be the first to implement such security solutions directly into the marketplace infrastructure using the REV3AL Security API, which will become available to developers and 3rd-party marketplaces during 2023 as an addition to the REV3AL 360 Product Suite.

NFT Marketplace Updates — Plans for the Week of October 24th, 2022
- Buy/sell Functionality of the NFTs
- IPFS Metadata Integration
- Minting of NFT Token to Corresponding Collection
- Marketplace UI Updates


Weekly Twitter Spaces Update

Our CEO, Mo Kumarsi, and our CRO, Adam Russell were joined by the teams at Angel Protocol, Angel Alliance, and Near Hub with a special guest speaker Jason Fernandes, Chief Business Officer of NFT Tech and Founder of Ad Lunam Inc. for a discussion around the topic of exposing the biggest crypto scams and what we can learn from them. We encourage you to listen to the entire audio playback linked below.

Here’s a link to the recorded audio from our Twitter spaces conversation!

This week’s guest speaker lineup:







Company Logomark & Branding

Very soon we’ll be updating to a slightly ‘new look’ at REV3AL as this week we finalized our new official company logomark with the goal of better matching our overall brand and vision. We strongly believe that this new logomark and the brand identity, that we’ll be rolling out soon, will more uniquely identify our company and will scale with us in the future throughout all of our product launches. We’re excited to move forward under this new style and we’re fortunate to have a wealth of internal experience to draw on such as the direct involvement of Jon Pierre Yousef, our Creative Gaming Director who was instrumental in providing his expertise and hands-on skills to this design project, and our Co-Founder and COO, Ben Caddy who has decades of experience in branding in the creative industries to directly guide the vision of this rebrand.

We plan to release the first iterations of the logomark in the coming week! It is an exciting time for our company with so many months of hard work starting to come to fruition.

Thank you!” to all of our community for their ongoing support and All Will Be REV3ALed, very soon!

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