The Weekly REV3AL — Week of October 3rd, 2022

ello, REV3ALers, we are pleased to bring you another week of updates to let you know about all of the exciting progress that we have made on various fronts. We are well underway for the migration of our V2 smart contract and we are getting closer to releasing our new staking options — which include an option for liquid staking which we will discuss in a future update. There is a lot to get through, so let’s get started!


Web Portal & Security API Updates

Last week we continued our API Testing and Internal User Testing — which provided positive results. This brings us one step closer to the completion of our initial product and we are proud of our dedicated development team which is the driving force of our project.

Along the same lines as last week, we further developed our API documentation for both internal and public use. This is still taking shape and will be released alongside our finished product.

One key piece of the UX that we are continuing to focus on is the user flow and the user journey, especially as it relates to the initial interactions on our web portal. We know that development in this area is crucial to our success and we are making sure that our web portal is sleek and polished. This is true for the words/copy that is on that page as well. It is all coming together and we are proud of our progress.

Web Portal & Security API — Plans for the week of October 10th, 2022
- External User Testing Sessions (Artists)
- Increased API Testing
- Review API Documentation
- Web Portal Copy Updates
- Development of REV3AL Reference Registry

NFT Marketplace Updates

Last week we furthered development on the backend specifically with key progress made in relation to our User Accounts API. This API gives our team the ability to create, read, update and delete users from our database and our testing has been fruitful. We’ve also continued to flesh out the features of our API that are for individual listings as well as grouped collections.

NFT Marketplace — Plans for the week of October 10th, 2022
- Initial Admin User Testing
- Marketplace Smart Contract Development
- Configuration of Frontend React App
- Branding Concepts
- QA Testing
- Connect Frontend with Backend via APIs


V2 Migration of our $REV3L Token Smart Contract

We have made significant progress on this front and we are continuing to work through the migration to get closer to completion. As a reminder, this will be an ongoing project and our main goal is the future scalability of our smart contract. To this end we have more big announcements planned for the future, make sure to stay tuned to our Twitter profile for those updates.

We’ve compiled a handy list for those looking for information related to our V2 Token Migration, here are the necessary links:

Live announcements are made in real-time on our Twitter profile, go here to get the latest news and information regarding our project and the V2 Migration

REV3AL Twitter Feed

Pinned updates, discussions, and assistance can be found on our official Telegram channel.

For more updates regarding V2, please refer to the pinned messages in our Official REV3AL Telegram Channel. It is here that you can also ask general questions, as our dedicated team of Moderators is ready to assist.

REV3AL’s Official Telegram Channel

An updated list of Frequently Asked Questions can be found in a previously posted Medium article.

V2 — Frequently Asked Questions

We conducted an AMA with our partner, DRIVENecosystem to answer questions from the community and provide a foundation for our migration — that video can be found here

AMA Video with REV3AL and DRIVENecosystem

Our initial announcement with a description of features for the V2 smart contract can be found using the following link

Why V2 for $REV3L Token — Features List & More

Branding, Updated Logomark, and Official Web Copy

Over the past few weeks our marketing & design teams, with the direction of our COO, Ben Caddy, have been working on an internal brand assessment. This past week we brought our hard work to the forefront and looped in the entire executive team for REV3AL. After some amazing team discussions, we settled on a few updates that we plan to roll out in the next few weeks once our analysis and design are completed. These updates include our official brand, an updated logomark, and our official web copy — so there are lots of fun and exciting announcements to make in the next few weeks!

Updates To Our Communication Schedule

Tuesdays: Weekly Team & Tech Updates

Starting next week we will officially be moving “The Weekly REV3AL,” our official Tech & Team Updates newsletter (found here on Medium) to its new release day, Tuesdays!

Wednesdays: Twitter Spaces Events & Our Twitter Newsletter

We have officially moved our Twitter Spaces events to Wednesdays! As we continue to grow our Twitter Spaces, we will look for you to join us, live, every Wednesday as we invite experts from around the world to join us in a high-level discussion where the weekly topics change but the fun & expert analysis remains!

According to our research, this was the best day for our team to grow the space and provide our community with the best showcase of experts. Please join the conversation and mark your calendars for our weekly Twitter Spaces on Wednesdays at 4:00 pm UTC.

Here’s a link to our next Twitter Spaces event

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To coincide with our Twitter Spaces we have officially moved our Twitter Newsletter to Wednesdays as well. This Weekly Wrap-Up & Highlights Newsletter will cover our team’s weekly events, and highlights, and will focus on our communications with our partners.

If you haven’t yet, take time now to read through our previous newsletters and subscribe!

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Protecting Yourself


Beware of scams, stay diligent, and be prepared! Our team will never contact you directly via direct message on Twitter, Telegram, or any other social media platform.

Always refer to the pinned posts and announcements made by our verified channels.

REV3AL will put forth all efforts to prevent outside parties from stating or implying they are from our team, and we recommend that you do your due diligence as well. We remind you to not offer your personal or financial information to people or companies that you do not know or trust.

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