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4 min readJul 30, 2022


July 25–29, 2022

Hey, REV3ALers, we appreciate you following our progress! Here is a quick breakdown of what’s been going on with REV3AL Tech and the team at REV3AL this week.

Expanding Our Team of Experts

Last week we mentioned that we would be adding new faces, and some of them have already hit the ground running! Our team has added some experts with a tremendous wealth of knowledge and expertise and we have shared a lot of laughs together already! As our team gels, we can continue making significant headway on our technology and we’ll have some amazing updates coming soon!

REV3AL Development Team

REV3AL has increased the size of our dev team adding additional frontend & backend developers, image technology expertise, and blockchain specialists to implement our Hedera integration (and other popular blockchains over the coming weeks). These new dev team members will also be tasked with working on our authentication web portal, NFT marketplace, and the security technology that ties it all together.

These important components within the REV3AL ecosystem set the foundation for our gaming and metaverse protection that is already in the works as well!

REV3AL Design Team

We’ve also enhanced our design team, working with a very talented group from Eastern Europe. Their experience in the Web 3.0 space and overall design aesthetic is proving to be a seamless fit with the creative direction of the REV3AL product team and we are excited to start releasing some sneak previews soon.

REV3AL Marketing Team

We have also brought our marketing services in-house with a dedicated team who live and breathe REV3AL to better serve our community. This brings us closer to you, The Revealers, and ensures you are hearing directly from our team.

These highly skilled and passionate people are already embedded in our culture and are dedicated to our team goals!

REV3AL’s NFT Marketplace & Real Token Utility

REV3AL will operate using cutting-edge security technology that protects against counterfeiting and fraud and will provide validity to help maintain the value of an asset. On our Twitter channel this week, we described how NFT authentication will work on our NFT marketplace. When an NFT is authenticated and protected using the REV3AL security portal, a depreciating algorithm will burn an amount of $REV3L tokens. This provides real token utility using unique data used in our multi-layered security protocol.

REV3AL in the Metaverse

REV3AL will own digital real estate in the metaverse and we plan to have a digital security headquarters in multiple major metaverses to protect and secure Creators, Artists, and Collectors. These HQ locations will be central to protecting users in various ways and we are excited to be alongside you as the Web3 space continues to grow!

Important Event Updates

REV3AL On The Crypto Roundtable Show

Our CEO, Mo Kumarsi was on The Crypto Roundtable Show as a guest speaker! As a sponsor of this specific episode, we are proud to say that it was a great show!

  • $10,000 in crypto + FIAT was given away, including $REV3L tokens!
  • We were able to share our project and vision with more than 37k people that tuned in!
  • Mo also shared highlights on our team and our goals

A heartfelt, “Thank you,” to Mario Nawfal and his team for letting us join the roundtable discussion alongside the best in the crypto industry!

To listen to the recording, follow this link to Mario Nawfal’s Twitter

The replay of the show can be found by clicking here: The Crypto Roundtable Show Replay from July 28th, 2022

REV3AL’s Weekly Twitter Space

Add our upcoming Twitter Spaces to your calendar for next Tuesday, August 2nd at 9am PDT (4:00pm UTC)

Click HERE to set a reminder on Twitter

REV3AL Twitter Space: NFTs, Crypto, Web3…What’s Next?

August 2nd at 9am PDT (4:00pm UTC)

The REV3AL tech team will be hosting a live Twitter Space and inviting some very special guests to hang out with us and discuss NFTs, Crypto, Web3…What’s Next?

What does the future of Web3 and the Crypto industry look like? Join in the discussion, and listen to our panel of experts as they break it down for you!

REV3AL Team Speakers

Mo Kumarsi, CEO

Adam Russell, CRO

Special Guest Experts

TCG World | Ferrum

Alex Nase — Director of Business Development, TCG World

Alex’s Twitter

Nick Odio — Executive VP of Strategic Partnerships

Nick’s Twitter

We look forward to seeing you on our Twitter Space this coming Tuesday!




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