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Week of September 5th, 2022

Hello REV3ALers, what a week it has been! We have a lot happening right now and it’s getting very exciting! Here are some updates from our team for the week of September 5th, 2022.


We are steadily progressing towards the release of both our NFT marketplace and our security API. In an ongoing effort to make sure that we are taking the pulse of the community we have been actively engaging our community with our continued Twitter Spaces live events on Tuesdays and we have been increasing our level of communication across all social media platforms. We encourage you to participate and make sure your voice is heard. Here’s a link to this week’s Twitter Spaces conversation where we will discuss:

The power of events and networking! Collabs, partnerships and culture. our very own Mo Kumarsi, CEO of REV3AL and Adam Russell, CRO of REV3AL will be LIVE from NEAR Con 2022! They will be joined by key REV3AL Advisors Tosha Nicole, Blockchain Communication Technologist, as well as Nathan Korus, Crypto Incubation Advisor for Ferrum Network amongst others.

Join us as we dive into our experiences networking in Web3. We’ll discuss how to find great partners and collaborations in this space and will break down the special culture of our industry's expos and events — LIVE from NEAR Con 2022!

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Collaborations and building relationships are so important not only to our growth as a company but also for the industry at large. That’s why on September 11th members of our executive team touched down in Lisbon, Portugal and will be there through the 14th for NEAR Con 2022! This conference is NEAR’s flagship event and as a NEAR partnerwe see it as an superb opportunity to network with fellow builders and exciting projectsacross a variety of industries. The team will continue building and forging strong relationships with our current partners and collaboration is crucial to success.We are joining forces with the right people to secure the future of the digital space.

For example, last week we officially announced our partnership with DRIVENecosystem, a division of DRIVENlabs Inc. For an overview on that partnership and the amazing synergy that exists between both teams, follow this link.

Now, for a detailed breakdown on our tech development we turn the keyboard over to our amazing tech team for some detailed updates!


Security API & Web Portal Updates

This week, our team focused on our fiscal responsibility and spent time focusing on ways to reduce our internal costs. We identified a few key aspects and took action by reconfiguring the execution of our hashing function. Our accomplishments were twofold as we were successful at not only reducing costs for processing large collections, but we were also able to increase security by adding a new hashing layer to our overall image hashing protocol.

We also took time to focus on our watermarking functionality and we believe we have identified a solution to cut our costs there as well. We will be continuously exploring these types of solutions moving forward.

We have added increased security features to our REV3AL API in preparation for integration with 3rd-party marketplaces, and we are advancing according to schedule. We’ve also got some exciting talks coming up with our partners in the Mixed Reality space to discuss how we can take the user experience to new levels.

Our team has added additional data fields to the REV3AL registry, which is used to reference data during the check for previous artwork registrations and identify if a piece of artwork already exists in our database.

Our team is hard at work identifying those that will benefit the most by using our security API as well and we are drafting the initial documentation on how to use our API. This will greatly assist the onboarding process as we strategically release our security API for partners and the general public in the future.

Finally, we’ve begun testing wallet integration beginning with the very popular Metamask for our web portal. We’re pushing hard on all fronts and are excited to share more soon on how REV3AL can help solve some real problems faced by the crypto and Web3 industries.

NFT Marketplace Updates

Our team is hard at work on our secure NFT marketplace, we know that you’ve been asking for it. To that point, we have been working through our database configuration on our updated cloud infrastructure, and have set up core CRUD functionality of our NFT marketplace. This has led to the initial tests of the creation of user objects in the REV3AL database. Advancement on this front is steadily progressing.

As you know every NFT marketplace needs integrated functionality with a blockchain, and we have begun implementing Ethereum-related functionality into our marketplace. We have plans to expand this in the future, and we will update you when there are important and relevant developments.

We would like to take a minute to thank each and every one of you that are following along! We wouldn’t be here without you, and we appreciate your support! More big updates are on the horizon — stay tuned!

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