THIS WEEK AT REV3AL — 8/15/22 to 8/19/22

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August 15th-19th, 2022

Hello, REV3ALers we are back to share some details with you about another full week of development, partnership, and progress! Things are really heating up behind the scenes and we are excited to tell you about it, let’s get started!

Internal Updates

This week our team was hard at work refining team assignments and productivity assets. Making sure that we had defined very specific tasks was critical and we have implemented new internal software for our entire team to assist with productivity and goal progress. This is essential with remote teams that are spread across the globe like ours. It’s so exciting to see our solution taking shape and to know that the momentum is building!

New Partners

We have 3 amazing new industry partners to announce, each bringing their expertise and unique skills to the group! Help us welcome our 3 new partners!

  • EarthCorp Foundation Inc.
  • DRIVENecosystem

EarthCorp Foundation Inc.

EarthCorp Foundation’s mission is to make environmental regeneration economically appealing.

In the crypto industry, we have a responsibility to support environmental conservation and regeneration projects and we are excited to share more on EarthCorp Foundation Inc. They are at the forefront of a number of initiatives to incentivize sustainable business practices as well as reward consumers and now they are moving into the digital world to engage their communities. We will be doing a deeper dive in the coming weeks, but we are excited to be working with them as they share our passion for collaboration and teamwork and we will work together to accomplish our unique mission while supporting them and helping them accomplish theirs too!

More About EarthCorp Foundation Inc. from their website:

At EarthCorp we are building our dream of linking our global retail economic cycle to environmental regeneration. A closed loop life cycle that everyone profits from, at every level. Our Philosophy and Projects are built around this. We work within the economic system as humanity has created it while staying outside the box. No politics, no bureaucracy, just functional projects that support people and the planet, and make money doing it.

EarthCorp Foundation Inc. Website


DRIVENecosystems' mission is to provide a unified system of Defi products focused on creating a safer, more effective environment for the real world. Made for Humans, by Humans.

Our strategic partnership with DRIVENecosystem is very exciting as both companies are focused on the protection of projects and users in the blockchain space. With great complimentary services, we’re looking forward to developing our relationship. We’re also aligned on surrounding ourselves with the best in the industry to build a trustworthy and reliable network of partners that we can count on.

More About DRIVENecosystem from their website:

DRIVENecosystem is a blockchain technology company that develops smart decentralized applications to make the Defi space a safer place to be. We are a start-up that aims to integrate cryptocurrencies into everyday life through the use of smart applications. Our primary goal is to make cryptocurrency as simple to use as FIAT.

When it comes to Security: To facilitate the large-scale adoption of cryptocurrency, we scrutinize the dependability of everything we create, consistently challenging and improving the security to help maintain the trust of our users and protect their assets.

DRIVENecosystem’s Website


LYKIN is a “Bottom-up” Open Augmented Reality solution that integrates the Virtual with the Non-Virtual in a platform that allows anyone to easily place and view persistent content and transact anywhere. Their technology bridges the real world with the digital world as well as Web 2.0 and Web 3.0.

The REV3AL team is very excited to be partnered with LYKIN as there are many possibilities to integrate our technologies. Not only will REV3AL be able to protect people’s content in a new format but LYKIN’s amazing ability to create, display, and monetize content will provide some exciting opportunities to expand our technology roadmap. Imagine using the screen of your smart device to augment your view in the room you are sitting and being able to purchase collectibles that are viewable in your custom space. The mixed reality future is coming, and we are delighted to be partnered with LYKIN as they are pushing the envelope.

LYKIN will allow the user the ability to: collect, move, and place virtual “stuff” anywhere on the planet as well as create & share a “Persistent” experience with everyone — at the same time. This gives physical locations the ability to offer Mixed-Reality experiences for events or promotions.


Weekly REV3AL Twitter Spaces

Our fifth Twitter Spaces event is next week! Use the reminder below and add it to your calendar!

Next Tuesday, August 23rd at 9:00 am PDT (4:00 pm UTC)

Click HERE to set a reminder on Twitter

REV3AL Twitter Space: Let’s talk about ETH 2.0, the merge, PoW vs PoS, what it means, and more!

August 23rd at 9:00 am PDT (4:00 pm UTC)

The REV3AL tech team will be hosting our regular, live Twitter Spaces event and inviting some special guests to hang out with us and discuss ETH 2.0, the Merge, and how it may affect the industry in the short- and long-term. We will also break down the difference between Proo-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake, and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each method. Join in the discussion, and listen to our panel of experts as they break it down for you!

REV3AL Team Speakers

Mo Kumarsi
Mo’s Twitter

Adam Russell
Adam’s Twitter

A Replay of Last Week’s Twitter Spaces Event

Last week we held our fourth weekly Twitter Spaces event, were you able to follow along? If not, don’t worry, here’s the replay!

Link to Last Week’s Twitter Spaces Replay (also below in the Tweet)

REV3AL’s Fourth Twitter Space: Does Web3 Need Security Infrastructure? Scams, Theft, Plagiarism, etc.

Special Guest Speaker

Joshua Scigala
Co-Founder & CEO at

The Standard is “The next-gen decentralized, over-collateralized stablecoin protocol backed by physical & digital assets.”

Joshua’s Twitter
Twitter Account for The Standard

We look forward to seeing you on our Twitter Space this coming Tuesday!




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