This Week at REV3AL — 8/22/22 to 8/26/22

This Week at REV3AL
8/22/22 to 8/26/22

Hello REV3ALers, it has been another exciting and productive week with the REV3AL team! We are getting closer to making some very big announcements — make sure to stay tuned to our Twitter channel for the latest information and join us on our regular Twitter Space at 4:00 pm UTC on Tuesdays! Here’s a breakdown of this past week’s events and development! Cheers!


Our multi-talented tech team has been making significant progress and we are pleased to share some NEW updates with you!

Security & Authentication Web Portal Updates

Our tech team has been testing our image registration API and hashing technology and exploring new ways we can deploy the technology. This API powers portions of the security and authentication web portal functionality, which is being created with an entirely custom design system developed around our company brand to provide a simple and engaging user experience.

We are attempting to create our security solution at scale and this is challenging due to the various aspects of the proprietary process. A challenge that we are excited to take on! Implementing a mix of centralized and decentralized technologies, in more than a half-dozen different programming languages, the build-out of our portal requires a very talented development team with multiple skill sets, and that’s something that we are proud to have in place at REV3AL!

Infrastructure Updates

Our DevOps engineer has refined our infrastructure and code deployment pipeline. This includes the test suite to ensure code integrity for each new feature we build and push into production. We are using a combination of cloud-based technologies, including isolated virtual private clouds, various web servers, databases, decentralized file storage services, and blockchain networks to enable the full functionality of our security and authentication solution. At all times our team is implementing best practices across all aspects of our production process.

NFT Marketplace Updates

A good portion of the front end of our NFT marketplace is now complete, and our blockchain developer is using the front end to guide their backend development efforts. This is again a little complex as we are developing our marketplace for the inevitability of cross-chain support. This includes support for the most popular blockchains and NFTs.

We’re also planning our limited NFT collections with select creators and partners later this year and into 2023. These will provide utility and access to our products and ecosystem and we’ve got some exciting ideas planned.


REV3AL’s Weekly Twitter Spaces Event

Have you added our upcoming Twitter Spaces to your calendar for next Tuesday, August 30th at 9:00 am PDT (4:00 pm UTC)

Click HERE to set a reminder on Twitter

The REV3AL tech team will be hosting a live Twitter Space and inviting some very special guests to hang out with us and discuss:

Decentralization vs Centralization | Where is web3 & metaverse going?

What does the future of Web3 and Metaverse look like? Join in the discussion, and listen to our panel of experts as they break it down for you!

REV3AL Team Speakers

Mo Kumarsi
Mo’s Twitter

Adam Russell
Adam’s Twitter

Tosha Nicole
Founder of NFT3 Awards
Tosha’s Twitter

Jonathan Foltz
Visionary & Co-Founder of Legion
Legion’s Twitter

Special Guest Experts will join us live that day too! Will you be one of them?

REV3AL & DRIVENecosystem — Announcement & AMA

Thursday, September 1st, 2022
YouTube Live
DRIVENx YouTube Channel

Our team will join the DRIVENecosystem team to make an official announcement and will be live on an AMA to discuss the needs for security in crypto and Web3. Make sure to join us on the AMA next Thursday 9/1/22 and tweet us any questions you’d like us to answer!

Some very BIG announcements are on the way, and you are not going to want to miss them! Our latest news and information can be found on our Twitter feed!

REV3AL’s Twitter



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