3 min readJul 22, 2022


Hey everyone, here is a quick breakdown of what’s been going on with REV3AL Tech and the team at REV3AL this week.

Earlier in the week, we announced the initial formats for authentication and digital asset security integration on our platform. Our announcement highlights that the REV3AL authentication portal will support security integration for the most common NFT image formats: JPGs, PNGs, GIFs, and SVG files. We have big plans to expand the file types and that includes the support of 3D, video, and audio files. You will soon be able to protect, authenticate, and verify your digital assets quickly and easily. Our long-term aim is still to strengthen, simplify, and perfect the level of security in the Web3 space, and our team is working hard to that end.

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We are in the continuous development of our security protocol and the initial announcement about NFT image formats that we will be supporting also highlights some of the same technology that will be in place within our NFT marketplace. Soon, creators and artists will be able to deploy assets through our portal that are secure at creation.

We are also finalizing the initial user interface designs for the authentication portal with our UX team and will be sharing a few sneak peeks and previews of that soon. We aim to create a simple and seamless user experience that in a few easy steps will allow creators to protect their work and users to verify authenticity.

Lastly, we are also expanding our team with new faces and onboarding great talent to help us solve some of the problems we all encounter as we move deeper into the digital future economy. We will be sharing more details on the team and getting some insight into their background in next week’s updates. We will also have highlights on some new partnerships as well!

“Thank you,” to our community for the continued support — it has been another busy and productive week!

The future is bright, and All Will Be Rev3aled, stay tuned!


Have you added our upcoming Twitter Spaces to your calendar for next Tuesday, July 26th at 9am PDT? (4:00pm UTC)

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REV3AL Twitter Space: Metaverse & Beyond

July 26th at 9am PDT (4:00pm UTC)

The REV3AL tech team will be hosting a live Twitter Space and inviting some very special guests to hang out with us and discuss The Metaverse and Beyond!

What does the future of Web3 and Metaverse look like? Join in the discussion, and listen to our panel of experts as they break it down for you!

REV3AL Team Speakers
Mo Kumarsi, CEO
Adam Russell, CRO

Special Guest Experts
Eco-Credit | TCG World | Ferrum

Alex Nase — Director of Business Development, TCG World
Alex’s Twitter

Ray Buckton — Founder, EcoCredit
EcoCredit’s Twitter

TCG World Updates

We will soon be releasing highlights on new partnerships, as well as a recap of our trip to TCG World. You are not going to want to miss those updates, big announcements are on the way!