This Week at REV3AL — Week of Aug 29th, 2022

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Week of August 29, 2022

Hello REV3ALers, welcome to another week of amazing updates! We have a lot to share with you so let’s get started! First, we will start with some changes that we have made to our weekly notification schedule. We are working hard to keep you continuously updated and have implemented a host of new methods of communication, including a weekly Twitter newsletter, an email newsletter, and ongoing voice communication from our team on Twitter Spaces and Telegram. To keep up with it all we will have a new update schedule moving forward, here’s a quick breakdown:

Mondays: Tech & Team Updates

We will be going over team updates, ongoing software developments, as well as any non-confidential tech & dev updates that have happened behind the scenes throughout the course of the week. In addition to these developments, we will share team news and milestones that we have hit also.

Tuesdays: Weekly Wrap Up & Highlights Newsletter

Our weekly review is a showcase of sorts, it highlights all the best updates of the previous week, and will touch on upcoming events that you should be tuned into for the upcoming week. As we continue to grow and improve our community’s access to the team, we will look for you to join our Twitter Spaces, live, every Tuesday as we invite experts from around the world to join us in a high-level discussion where the weekly topics change but the fun & expert analysis remains!

Starting next week, this weekly highlight newsletter will go live shortly before our weekly Twitter Spaces events — which will take place every Tuesday at 4:00 pm UTC. Mark your calendars, you don’t want to miss these!

Here’s a link to this week’s Twitter Spaces conversation where we discuss:

Hot Hacks & Sensational Scams! Exposing the ugly side of crypto & Web3 with our very own Mo Kumarsi, CEO of REV3AL; Adam Russell, CRO of REV3AL; Alan Smithson, Co-Founder & CMO of METAVRSE; as well as Eric Chan, Director of Strategic Partnerships at TCGWorld.

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Thursdays: Weekly Email Newsletters

Every week we will be sending out information via specific email newsletters that are relevant to each list that we have curated. As we continue to build our ecosystem of services we will develop and add lists for each of our related categories of services (NFT, Metaverse, etc.). You’ll only receive pertinent information that pertains to the subjects that you are interested in.

Weekends: International Events, Speaking Engagements, and Marketing Booths

We often spend our weekends representing REV3AL at all the major expos, conferences, and relevant events. Moving forward we plan to implement live video updates from our co-founders as well as scheduled video releases from their time on stage, and their time spent with the other experts in the crypto, metaverse, and Web3 industries.

Do you have a conference that you think we should go to? Drop us a line and let us know, by emailing us a We will see you from the stage, or at one of our booths!

Monthly: End-of-Month Roundtable & AMA — Telegram

Once a month we will have the whole team with us — representing every department. This will include our founders, the executives, the developers, the design team, and the marketing team who will be on our monthly roundtable to discuss our growth, our ongoing timeline, and company milestones. On these calls, we will be available for a general AMA.

Every Day: Twitter-First Approach, Ongoing Social Media Updates

We will continue to update our REVEALers using Twitter as our main information platform. From there we will disseminate information across all the other social media platforms. This will include all our events, speaking engagements, weekly highlights, and general information that we think you should be aware of that relates to our team or one of our ongoing projects.

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Security & Authentication Web Portal

One of the most important dev updates to date involves our development on the hashing and watermarking front, as this shift forges a new and exciting pathway for REV3AL!

After exploring and testing multiple hashing and watermarking libraries, our backend development team has decided to create our own proprietary technology and this is coming along well. This aspect of the project alone is a significant component and will result in unique services that power a large portion of our product suite. More updates will come, but for now, we are hard at work on establishing the appropriate scope and timeline for this project pathway.

Frontend Design Updates

Now that we have a custom design system in place, the frontend development team is implementing a responsive web application that will be used to deliver the functionality of the REV3AL security and authentication API. The team is targeting popular devices during its testing and implementation, and they are coding it to industry standards and best practices. We’ll have some sneak peeks to share soon!

Company Website Updates

We are planning an overhaul of our corporate website, utilizing the new design system (mentioned above) and developing fresh web copy to update the world on the most recent vision at our company. We are applying an agency-like approach to our internal process. This means that the product and marketing teams are working together to research, architect, create, test, and implement the new structure of the website. This will take a bit of time, but we plan to go live with the new website very soon.

General Team Notes

With data integrity, interoperability, and performance in mind, the entire development team at REV3AL collaborates closely across various time zones. This allows them to work efficiently through the numerous challenges that present themselves when developing within a tech stack that is comprised of multiple coding languages — that all come with their own requirements. Through communication, planning, and years of experience, the team is able to collaborate and produce the high-quality software required to market a security-centric solution of this magnitude.

Stay tuned, we have some great updates on the horizon!

All will be REV3ALED!

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REV3AL Digital Copyright Protection & Anti-Counterfeit Technology protects artists, creators, and owners of Intellectual Property across the digital spectrum.