This Week at REV3AL — Week of September 12, 2022

Week of September 12, 2022

Hello REV3ALers, and welcome to another week of amazing updates! We are moving forward with our plan to release development and technical updates here on Medium on Mondays so stay tuned for those. We’ll also be continuing with industry content, partner content, and general team updates on Twitter every Tuesday. Those Twitter updates will launch just before our weekly Twitter Spaces events with industry experts. You don’t want to miss those, so make sure to:

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Tuesday, Sept. 20th
Topic: EGO gets in the way of INNOVATION | Self-confidence vs Egotism

Now let’s move on to some exciting updates from our tech & dev team!


Web Portal Updates

Our dev and design teams are hard at work on our security web portal and the release is going to be a pivotal moment for our team. We are making sure to stay on track with our development in this area, and barring any major hiccups, we plan to have more, exciting news on this front in the next 2-3 weeks.

Once implemented we will launch the second phase of the Web Portal that will be accessible to select partners and clients. We will whitelist specific IP addresses for team members and those select partners and clients. Once this phase is initiated we will be sharing more about our progress on our web portal on our Twitter feed, and across our other social channels. We will be at this phase shortly and we are grateful to have such a great group of partners to rely on during this active development process.

Once this closed phase is completed, we will continue working with partners and clients to conduct additional user-based research to further refine the process ahead of our official public launch — which is still scheduled for later this year. At this phase, we will be looking for important feedback from artists and creators and ultimately we anticipate this will be some of the most crucial information we receive as we develop future iterations of our technology.

If you are interested in participating in this process we’d love to hear from you. If you are an NFT artist or know an artist that has launched (or is looking to launch) an NFT project, please contact our team using this email address: Please add “NFT Artist” in the subject line and we will be in touch! Participants will not only get early access to our anti-counterfeit technology but also be eligible for future rewards and benefits within our community.

Tech Team Updates

We know that some of you have been asking for specific technical updates too, and we are happy to deliver! Moving forward, in regards to these ongoing sprint updates from our technical team: please, keep an eye on our Medium articles as we will take a closer look at the development process here, on Medium.

Last week we continued to explore how we can apply additional hashing technology to images that are uploaded to the REV3AL system, for our pre-established, proprietary, multi-layered approach. We’ve explored a number of third-party solutions but have decided after a thorough review that the best option was to build out our own software for this - as it gives us the ability to update in real-time and targets the specific requirements that we need.

Our team has finished the image watermarking process, and we are now ready to add the utility aspect of our $REV3L token. This is huge, and provides not only an additional layer of security but a major value for token holders too! It’s an exciting time to be a REV3ALer!

We also evolved the image matching percentage during our most recent sprint through a variety of tactics enabling us to better detect fraudulent image registration attempts. This is important - and we plan on taking a deeper dive into this topic in the near future.

We’ve also been busy on our development infrastructure by configuring our web server for additional security and have cleaned up the database to remove unnecessary data fields that were used in testing.

Our team also tested various encryption techniques and they are currently assessing the needs of the software and will make sure to go with the most secure option.

NFT Marketplace Updates

We have created the NFT marketplace database schema, and are on target for the setup of the backend of the NFT marketplace. This is while we continue with further development on the API. Things are progressing according to plan and we are getting closer to a working demo model.

We also progressed the marketplace admin dashboard and we take pride in knowing that our team is dedicated to building not only the most secure marketplace but also a marketplace where functionality and user experience are taken into consideration as well. We want a safe and secure marketplace, but we also want a seamless and sophisticated experience that utilizes interactive and intuitive click mechanisms and micro-interactions. The team is doing a fantastic job building both aspects simultaneously.

Here is a quick list of tasks for the team that has lined up for next week:

  • Coordination for user-based testing and research of the web portal
  • Coordination with our first customer (more news soon!), they are planning to apply REV3AL tech to their NFT collection
  • Further testing on web portal API and server connections
  • Web portal frontend integration with API
  • Continued development on image processing to improve image matching capabilities
  • Additional development on the NFT marketplace backend and API

Ongoing Social Media Updates

We will continue to update our REVEALers using Twitter as our initial information source. From there we will disseminate information across all the other social media platforms. This will include all our events, speaking engagements, weekly highlights, and general information that we think you should be aware of as we continue on this journey to a safer Web3 environment for all!

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