$REV3L V2 Going Live Today — Important Updates, AMA, & More!

REV3ALers, we are proud to bring you V2 of our smart contract! Our team has been working hard behind the scenes to deploy a more secure smart contract that will feature many new upgrades!

To read more about those features, please follow this link

V2 for $REV3L Announcement

Below, is the new contract address for our upgraded BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain. Please use this specific contract address for future trading, as the old one will no longer be supported. Note: You will need to add this custom token to your wallet in order to see the new tokens.

$REV3L Token — New Contract Address (BSC)


Learn How to Add a Custom Token to your MetaMask Wallet

As a helpful reminder, here is a link from MetaMask on how to add a custom token to your wallet. You will need to complete this step to access the new, V2 $REV3L tokens.

*Important Note: Make sure to add it to your Binance Smart Chain Wallet

Adding a Custom Token to your MetaMask Wallet

V2 Migration — Launch Event and AMA

The REV3AL team and DRIVENecosystem team are proud to bring you V2 of the $REV3L token!

To ensure that all your questions are answered we have scheduled an AMA where both teams will be present to answer questions, showcase the new features of the V2 of our smart contract, and assist as our new contract goes live.

Please join us on Sept. 30th, 2022 at 4:30 pm UTC on any of the following channels:

REV3AL’s Official Telegram Channel

REV3AL’s Official Twitter Feed

With the transition of this smart contract to our new V2 version, certain wallets from some holders were affected. Specifically, those that participated in the Launch Pool IDO.

LP, unfortunately, provided us with faulty data at the TGE and this resulted in an incorrect allocation distribution of tokens to their community. This led to their users being airdropped excess tokens with the wrong vesting schedule, meaning that LP users received 100% of their tokens, upfront, without any vesting period.

While we have made multiple attempts to address this issue with the LP team a formal meeting has not happened yet. Until now, the error, and its effects, have been laid solely at our feet and we have been unable to sit down and openly discuss the situation with the LP team.

We will continue to work towards an understanding but this issue has caused us great difficulty and substantial loss, so after much thoughtful deliberation and advice, we have made the decision that the original LP IDO wallet addresses will not be in the V2 airdrop. This was an extremely hard decision as we value our supporters highly but after asking LP to share in the responsibility we feel we have no choice but to act in the best interest of our project and all of the other holders, both current and future.

It is important to note that our team distributed all the tokens that were allocated to this IDO platform at the time of the TGE and that all tokens were sent to their rightful holders.

We will always seek to work with our partners and support our community. We look forward to a strong and bright future as we seek to protect and secure projects and users in our industry.

Protecting Yourself


Beware of scams, stay diligent, and be prepared! Our team will never contact you directly via direct message on Twitter, Telegram, or any other social media platform.

Always refer to the pinned posts and announcements made by our verified channels.

REV3AL will put forth all efforts to prevent outside parties from stating or implying they are from our team, and we recommend that you do your due diligence as well. We remind you to not offer your personal or financial information to people or companies that you do not know or trust.

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All will be REV3ALed!



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